Welcome to the WAMS website!

WAMS is a University of Nottingham Student Society established in 2003. We are a group of University of Nottingham Medical Students who are passionate about helping students from the East Midlands achieve their potential. We currently have over 100 volunteers made up from students from all years of the medical course and from all over the country. Our core ethos is that, regardless of a person’s background, they should have every opportunity to become a doctor, in order to produce a medical workforce which is as diverse as the patients that we serve. We aim to fill the ‘opportunity gap’ that background can sometimes introduce.

Our aim is to encourage as many students as possible to consider medicine as a career and to help them get there! Being medical students ourselves we know that competition to get into medical school is fierce, but we strongly believe that your background should not limit you in applying or indeed in being successful. Therefore we aim to encourage all students, especially those from families with a non-university or non-medical background, as well as those from schools that have previously not had many students attending medical courses or university.

If you have the drive and determination, we will do our best to de-mystify the application process and help you achieve your goals, or even just open your eyes to the possibility of choosing medicine as your career. To do this we offer a range of events and talks including those within your school or college and at The University of Nottingham. We also run an eMentoring scheme and a work experience programme at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

So please feel free to browse our website, tell your school about us and register with us. If you have any queries send us a message; even if you are not from Nottinghamshire or the surrounding counties, we will endeavour to help you.

Best wishes and good luck!

WAMS President & Team 2017